How to Conceive a Boy Naturally, You Can Do It

Published: 18th May 2011
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Many people think it is impossible to predict or even control a baby's gender.This is the reason why the majority of all parents simply leave it to nature to decide on their baby's gender. It is true that it is impossible for women to determine the sex of her baby once conception has taken place but there are certain techniques that she can use to produce an environment that will aid in the conception of a certain gender. So for anyone who hasbeen wishing and hoping for a gorgeous baby boy, here are a few natural methods that will show you how to conceive a boy naturally.

The Whelan Method -

This method was developed by Dr. Elizabeth Whelan and revolves around a principle that a baby's sex can be determined by timing sexual intercourse over the period of the month. The timing of the intercourse depends on a woman's basal body temperature. In order to conceive a boy, women need to have sexual intercourse 4 to six days before her basal body temperature increases - which occurs during the ovulation period. This is quite and advantageous method since it has a higher success rate of conceiving baby boys than girls.

The Shettle's Method -

This was one of the first gender selecting techniques that were introduced to couples. The Shettle's Method suggests that sexual intercourse should take place no more than 24 hours before ovulation and 12 hours after ovulation. Again, ovulation can be concluded by the increase in the basal body temperature which means that the woman needs to constantly monitor this parameter. The method also recommends deep penetration for a boy. This gives the more hardy Y chromosomes a better chance at getting fertilized with the woman's egg.

Zoning on sex positions. One other method that shows how to conceive a boy naturally. There have been some studies in the past which revealed that certain sex positions are more likely to produce a male foetus than a female. These positions also include the cowgirl's style and the missionary style of intercourse. In a way, this confirms Shettle's Method since most of these positions promote deeper vaginal penetration, giving Y chromosomes a head start for the race.

Although these techniques cannot give you one hundred percent certainty, there is a very high possibility of success. These methods have been used and tested by millions of couples all over the world. So you do not have to leave it up to nature alone to decide. Try these different techniques out and see the results for yourself.

Most people want to avoid medical procedures as they can be very expensive and also can carry a risk to the mother and health of the baby. Don't just wonder how to conceive a boy naturally. It is possible to tip the scales in your favour using the correct methods. By using the correct natural methods you can achieve a success rate of over 94%.


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